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Frequently asked questions

Quick answers to common questions. Still can’t find the answers you are looking for? Download our transfer documentation or contact us.

Why was my mortgage transferred?

Mortgage transfers are a common practice between servicers and happen frequently (usually in large bundles) for a vast majority of business reasons. The loan transfer is not in any way a reflection of you.

Who is Lower.com?

Lower.com is the originator and servicer of your loan.

Why do I need to re-register?

We wanted to make sure our borrowers got a wonderful experience with an exciting new dashboard. In order to give you this great new experience it does require new registration.

What has changed about my mortgage?

Only your login information and servicer of record. All other aspects of your mortgage remain the same.

When can I set up my online account?

You'll be able to register with us online beginning 10/10/2023. Registering will allow you to take advantage of our many online features. If we have your email on file, we’ll send you an email.

My next payment is due on or shortly after the transfer date. How do I avoid any late fees?

Although your prior servicer will likely send you a statement for this payment, as of your transfer date we will be able to collect this payment (which will make the transfer process go smoother). If you are worried about your next payment, you can be assured that during the first 2 months after your transfer, we will not charge late fees or send negative credit reports to credit bureaus for missed or late payments. So, if your next payment is due on or shortly after the transfer date, you are protected from late fees and negative reporting even if it takes time to set up your account and make your payment.

I made a payment to my prior servicer. What will happen to that payment?

Good news—your prior servicer will forward the payment to ServiceMac. If you sent a check, the timeline is dependent on the postal service, but you can easily check your payment history with us once you register online. Keep in mind, it can sometimes take up to 4 weeks for us to receive the check from your prior servicer. About three weeks after your transfer, we’ll also reach out to confirm the status of any payments we’re still missing.

When and how do I make my next payment?

After your transfer date, you can register for an account and make payments online. Other ways to pay include check, Bill Pay, money order, wire transfer, ACH, and payment over the phone. As a reminder, we will not charge late fees or send negative credit reports during the first 2 months after your transfer.

Will I get a loan number?

When the servicing transfer goes effective 10/10/2023, your loan number will be updated to keep history more easily.

I currently paid via ACH and/or autopay. Do I need to re-enroll in ACH/Autopay?

No, you do not need to re-register for ACH or autopay; your preferences have been saved.

I'm currently set up to receive electronic billing statements. Will I continue to receive these?

Yes, you will continue to receive electronic billing statements. You do not need to re-register for electronic billing statements.

I pay through money order or check, where should I send my payments?

P.O Box 100077 Duluth, Georgia 30096

Where should I send Bill Pay payments?

P.O Box 100077 Duluth, Georgia 30096

If I have an escrow account, will it transfer?

If you have an escrow account for your tax payments and/or insurance premiums, the account will transfer over to us. We will continue collecting these funds and making the payments on your behalf.